Jobs available with a social worker degree

A degree in social work, means completing a lot of courses in sociology and psychology. There are many different types of jobs that require candidates to have a degree in social work. A person can be employed by the city and or county, as a social worker with many different agencies. One such agency is the Department of Children and Family Services. This type of social work is extremely important, and can literally be life saving. These social workers are assigned to monitor children in different situations. Children whose abuse and neglect, have been brought to the attention of various legal authorities, are often times assigned a social worker, by the county they live in. The social worker, carefully assesses the child’s needs and welfare. The social worker, is responsible for the welfare of the child, to make sure the child is safe and thriving. A huge responsibility, but extremely rewarding. Often times these types of social workers testify in legal proceedings, regarding custody of the child assigned to them. The social worker often times plays a pivotal role in the direction the child’s guardianship takes. Children in the foster care system, are all assigned social workers. These social workers regularly visit the child they are assigned to, in the foster homes. It is the job of these social workers to make sure the children are being cared for mentally, emotionally and physically. It is also the responsibility of the social worker, to examine the living conditions of the child, to make sure it’s a clean healthy living enviorment.

Other types of jobs for people that have degrees in social work, are being employed by various non-profit organizations. The soical workers in these instances, may be assigned to both children and adults, and function very much in the same fashion as those social workers that are employed by counties. These social workers are also assigned to monitor the care and well being of both children and adults. They many be responsible for a multitude of tasks, from making sure they are being cared for, to helping them with paperwork and teaching them certan life skills. This is an extremely important job, and can and often is very rewarding. Another place social workers are employed is at hospitals. Every hosotial has at least one social worker that is on call or in the hospital at all times. Depending on the size of the hospital, some have more then one social worker. These social workers are either assigned to patients, or are called upon at the request of a patient or a patient’s family. These social workers are responsible for making sure that the patients rights are always in compliance with local and state laws. The social worker makes sure the patient is being given proper medical care, while at the hospital. These social workers may also have to make sure the patient has appropriate care, once they are discharged from the hosptial.