Career Choices for Social Workers Jobs

The social services industry is diverse with jobs that require many different kinds of skills. Some require the employee to speak foreign languages while others require a deep knowledge of human psychology. Finding the right job for you in the social services industry means finding your own calling. These jobs can be stressful, as they will deal with people of all walks of life that have many problems of their own. In order to move up the economic ladder with these jobs you have to put yourself fully into your work. It is a rewarding career that will not only help you but also help those around you.

School psychologists are rising in demand as the education system realizes that mental health is a crucial aspect of their student’s well being. As a school psychologist you will have to be a counselor, administrator, and a researcher to do the best job. You will have to guide students on their path and find what they really want to do with the rest of their life. The researching aspect involves keeping up with psychology studies and finding new ways to treat students with unique mentalities. This job may take a lot of pressure but there aren’t many jobs that are as rewarding.

A substance abuse counselor is another career path in the social services industry. In this job you will have to guide people from a life of addiction and destruction to a more productive one. These people may be highly damaged mentally and it may take a lot of effort over a long period of time to set them straight. In this job you have to have an open mindset and a lot of heart in order to really make a difference.

Marriage therapists are expected to be in much higher demand in the coming years with the divorce rate rising as well. In this job the social worker has to examine both sides of the marriage without taking a stance. There is always a compromise, and with the right amount of care and therapy you can teach the married how to find it and live with it. While there may be a lot of crying, yelling, and arguing, this job can be extremely rewarding.

Fitness trainers are also an important aspect of today’s society and this career will become more in demand over the years as well. You can choose to be a trainer to those that are already in good shape but want to get in great shape. Or you can train those that do not live a healthy style but want to learn how. Seeing people physically change their lives can give them confidence and make them more productive with their life.

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A social worker job can come in all shapes and sizes. Find the one that you feel fits your mindset the best and it can be extremely satisfying to help those around you.